About me

Who am I

My name is Joana, and I specialize in crafting digital assets that elevate how individuals and businesses are perceived by their clients.

My skills encompass design, copywriting, wireframing, development, animations, and much more.

However, that's not all there is to me.

I am a creative individual who thrives on the opportunity to explore and collaborate with diverse businesses.

I must admit, I easily become bored, but my constant curiosity and interest in various industries and freelancing have allowed me to approach every project with fresh eyes and a wealth of experience.

I don't do this solely for financial gain (although, of course, it plays a part), but my true purpose is to assist others in establishing an aesthetic and modern online presence that authentically represents their identity.

Not everyone needs to like you, but your potential clients must recognize you and connect with your brand on a profound level.

I'm excited to learn more about your project, and who knows, perhaps we can schedule a call to discuss it further.

At the very least, you'll gain my expert opinion and some original ideas to consider.

When can we begin?